[Review]: The Last Duel of Harry Potter

Warning: This post contain spoiler.

Maybe some of you have read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows already. Now, I just write my own oppinion about the novel, or generally, the series.

Harry Potter, is a boy-who-survived from Voldemort’s attack,while he is one year old (CMIIW). Voldemort, who have killed Harry’s parents, want to kill the young boy, and cast an Avada Kedavra spell. But Harry was survived, otherwise, Voldemort came to a state which almost dead.

When Harry’s age 11 years old, he entered Hogwarts, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. There he met new friends, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Hagrid, and much more. When at school, Harry also met his old “friend”, Voldemort, who have been chased him after he failed in killing him. But Harry always be the winner for the last 6 years.

In the end of 6th year in Hogwarts, Harry must face a painful fate. He lost his best teacher, best guide, and best friend, Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore died after stroke by Snape’s Avada Kedavra. There’s many oppinions about the cause of Dumbledore’s death. But the fact is, Dumbledore have a chronic disease which reduce his life after destroyed one of the Voldemort’s Horcrux. Before he died, he told Harry to destroy the last six Horcruxes.

In the next year, Harry didn’t attend the school. He of to journey to search Voldemort’s Horcruxes, accompanied by Ron and Hermione. They have to face many danger in order to found the Horcrux. Like came inside the House of Malfoy, break the Gringotts defence, and many more.

When searching, they know one thing: There’s three things which can be owned by a witch, can make him/her “unkillable”. They’re the Magical Robe (the transparent robe), Resurrection Stone (well, guess from it’s name), and Elder Wand (the strongest wand). The Magical Robe believed belong to Harry, and the Elder Wand belong to Dumbledore. Since Dumbledore has died, the owner switched to Draco, whose wand used by Snape to “kill” Dumbledore.

Before the final battle, Harry realized that he’s the last Horcrux and he have to die in order to kill Voldemort. Then , the day has come. the final battle were held in Hogwarts. There, Harry duel Voldemort for the last time. In this duel, Harry use Draco’s wand, while Voldemort use the Elder Wand, sounds unfair isn’it? Harry told Voldemort that the wand he use actually belong to Harry. It’s all because Harry has defeated Malfoy in a duel at Malfoy’s house. Voldemort enraged, and cast an Avada Kedavra spell. But it have no effect for Harry. Harry still alive, otherwise the Voldemort’s soul inside him is destroyed. Voldemort have died. The Elder Wand fly and come to Harry, who used to be the real owner.

The last novel (for some fans) considered the best of Harry Potter series. But other say that the fourth is the best.

Updated: Thanks for goldfriend‘s information. Now I remember that Harry used Draco’s wand when dueling the Dark Lord. That’s the rule of the wizard duel. The loser give his/her wand to the winner.


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25 Responses to [Review]: The Last Duel of Harry Potter

  1. Yeah, finally it’s over. 😐
    Thanks to Mr. Fajar for his review homework. :mrgreen:

  2. itikkecil says:

    IMHO ya, I still think the best novel is the first. because i was falling in love with this character only after i read the two pages of the first book. On the prior series, the world still so bright. And I think last novels is darker than other series.

  3. Mi_Chan says:

    Well, I think the best is third and fourth…
    Khu khu khu…

  4. Fikar says:

    Selesai deh….

  5. uChIrO™ says:

    Bahasa Endonesia Donk! 👿

  6. goldfriend says:

    But other say that the fourth is the best.

    sure, book #4 is the best. especially chapter 32 : flesh, blood and bone. Wuiih….. great. 😆

    “Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son!”
    “Flesh of the servant, willingly given – you will – revive – your master. ”
    “Bblood of the enemy . . . forcibly taken .. . you will. . . resurrect your foe.”

    And it can explain all the “logical stories” in book #7. 😆

    There, Harry duel Voldemort for the last time. In this duel, Harry use his friend’s wand, while Voldemort use the Elder Wand, sounds unfair isn’it?

    Sorry, Draco’s Wand.

  7. goldfriend says:

    @ Ira :

    Book #1 is “childish”. 😆


  8. ariefcute says:

    i want to correct the oppinion too…
    it’s about the snape avada kedavra…
    there’s a litle story there…
    unless i wrong..in chapter4
    that,the parents of harry had ever saved
    severus snape soul from death.
    therefore he (unsuspected) tried to help harry’s
    life.when harry did the quidditch.
    though public oppinion accused him of the riot
    he seems didn’t care
    and about dumbledore..
    i think, he naturally passed away…

    you may visit my blog

  9. 》P®《 says:

    @ itikkecil
    I also love the first book. I’m interested in the Quidditch match. And then, I tried to bought the books, but I missed the fifth. 😦
    @ Mimi
    The third… Prisoner of Azkaban? I love it too. Especially when Harry ride on Buckbeak’s back.
    And for the fourth, I love the Triwizard Tournament.
    @ Fikar
    @ uChIrO™
    No, I won’t. I want to improve my English, so you should improve your English too. 😎
    @ goldfriend
    Yeah, it’s sure freaaaky… 😆

    And it can explain all the “logical stories” in book #7. 😆

    Which one? 😕

    Sorry, Draco’s Wand.

    But Draco considered his “friend” too, isn’t he? 😛
    @ ariefcute
    No, not naturally. He was affected by Horcrux effects after destroy it. Although he doesn’t seen have any illness, but the effect destroy his body from inside.

  10. goldfriend says:

    Which one? 😕

    Chapter Kings Cross. Voldemort use the shield from Harry’s Mother. “Blood of the enemy”

    But Draco considered his “friend” too, isn’t he? 😛

    Yeah, TTM (teman tapi mesra) :mrgreen:

  11. -rei_chan- says:

    *bawa guru bahasa inggris*
    *aku suruh menterjemahkan*

    dikasi translate dong dong

  12. -rei_chan- says:

    CMIIW tu apa ?
    jadi intinya harry mati ga ?

  13. 》P®《 says:

    @ goldfriend
    Oh, yeah. I forgot that part. 😛

    Yeah, TTM (teman tapi mesra) :mrgreen:

    @ rei-chan
    Ini kan udah Bahasa Inggris dasar, masa sulit, sih?

    CMIIW tu apa?

    Correct Me If I Wrong. 🙂

  14. -rei_chan- says:

    lumayan ngerti kok aku,tapi agak bingung dalam menyimpulkannya

    jadi dumbledore n voldemort mati, tapi harry n malfoy mati ga ?

  15. 》P®《 says:

    [back-to-english mode=”on”]
    Both Harry and Draco are alive. 🙂

  16. ManusiaSuper says:

    The third book is the best, the plot is amazing tricky!

    About this last book, I still wondering why Harry isn’t died when voldemort cursed him with Avada-spell at the forest. Because voldemort uses Harry’s blood for his resurrection? Or because Harry didn’t fight back? or else? Anyone can tell?

    And what about the King’s Cross? Dumbledore’s back but he still dead? huuuh… I was dissappointed with this last boook…

  17. nairasmile says:

    menurutku harry potter emang oke banget…
    sampe seri terakhir bela2in baca di komputer ampe begadang2…just for harpotter..

    hmm…ga nyangka..snape ternyata bae banget

  18. @ ManSup
    Looks like this is the reason

    Harry told Voldemort that the wand he use actually belong to Harry.

    Elder Wand won’t betray it’s real master (Harry).
    @ nairasmile
    In spite of his tricky appearance, he is a good and brave man. I think he should entered Gryffindor than Slytherin.

  19. Shinte Galeshka says:

    This last book of Harry Potter journey is ugly i think. The worst part is the introduction of the deathly hallows. The element itself is so big that it should be introduced in previous entry. My speculation is JRK is about to end the story with harry and voldemort dead, but she changed her mind so she introduced the deathly hallow.
    but that’s just what i think of it
    ps: no snape is a good slytherin, the dorm selection is based on how people act not what he will do or choose to do. While most of slytherin easily tempted to fall to the dark path snape choose differently, mostly i think because of her love to lily. That change the path he took yet doesn’t change the way he act. This too is just my opinion

  20. saKuZo says:

    Yeiy, ane penggemar berat harpot n uda baca smwanya,
    Gile yg ke 7 keren bgt, vavorit ak yg ke 4 n ke 7, wakakak,
    Benda2 deathly hollow, lambang deathly hollow, petunjuk yg dikasi dumbledore smwanya keren,
    Salut bwt JK. Rowling, hehehe

  21. @ Shinte Galeshka
    I also hope that both Harry and Voldemort launched a fiery, amazing spells, and can bring the reader right into the duel area.

    The worst part is the introduction of the deathly hallows. The element itself is so big that it should be introduced in previous entry.

    I also think that it should be introduced in sixth, so the seventh full filled with the duels or wars.

    My speculation is JRK […]

    Er… JKR.

    is about to end the story with harry and voldemort dead, but she changed her mind so she introduced the deathly hallow.

    I’m really disappointed with that. I’d love if Harry dead, so the whole world, er no, school crying for his death. Dramatic, eh? 😆
    @ saKuZo
    Yeah, sure it is.

  22. ManusiaSuper says:

    I agree with shinte galeshka. DEathly hollow seems to be ‘push in’ to the last book. They never appear on the previous books. i think, potter should die at the last, but Warner Bros as a owner of the brand now doesnt agree with the dead of him. Harry Potter dead will influence the selling og merchandize…

  23. Aku baru baca yang versi bahasa inggris sampe habis… tapi agak kurang ngerti gimana harry bisa hidup lagi…. emang kenapa sih dia gk mati?

  24. Salut buat JK yg never give up chasing her dreams..

  25. Akatsuki Lover says:

    sbnarnya bukan magical robe.. tapi invisibility cloak.
    ternyata snape itu baik juga ya??
    sayang fred weasley mati di buku 7 *hiks*
    pas duel harry vs. voldemort (buku 7), avada kedavra bisa dikalahkan sama expelliarmus. seems a bit weird, eh?
    but i’m very happy, coz harry be with ginny in the end.

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