There’s a new history in UEFA Champions League. This season we will see All England Final. It happens after Chelsea beat Liverpool in a dramatic match in Stamford Bridge this early morning.

Chelsea led in 32’ when Drogba hardly shot to Liverpool’s goal, after Kalou’s shot succesfully tipped by Reina. This really made Rafa (Reds’s coach) frustrated.

Thanks to Fernando “el Nino” Torres, he scored a goal in 60’, which made the score 1-1. This stand until the end of 90 minutes.

Chelsea, who didn’t want to be disgraced in their own home, in front of their fanatic supporters, took the offence on the extra time. It’s succeed. Their continuous attack forced Hyppia to make a foul upon Ballack, and unfortunately, it occured in Reds’s penalty area. Lampard, who just lost his beloved mother, did his job perfectly. Chelsea led 2-1.

On 115′, Chelsea scored another goal from Drogba. He charged rapidly toward Liverpool’s goal before unleash a powerful shot which couldn’t be blocked by Reina, 3-1.

The Reds didn’t give up yet. They attacked again and again, but it came to vain. Chelsea’s defense was too strong to be broken. But Babel’s shot from about 30 meters from goal on 122’ lift the spirit of the Anfield Ganks, 3-2. They released another attacks in last 5 minutes, but unfortunately, noone succeeded. Chelsea win over Liverpool and they made their way to their first final. They’ll face Manchester United in final, who eliminated Barcelona in Old Trafford the day before. The final will be held in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow.

Here’re some of their happy expressions. 🙂

Chelsea fans

For You, Mom: Lampard’s celebration after scored a goal

We Did It!: Drogba was happy after scored two goals which made Chelsea win over Liverpool

P.S: I’m sorry if the pictures are blur. It’s all because I take it only from my poor mobile phone. 😛


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16 Responses to Breakthrough

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  2. aRuL says:

    bravo chelsea 🙂

  3. afshad says:

    thanks for visiting my blog..
    Chelsea is so going to win the title this year..
    We will have the trophy at Stanford Bridge..!!

  4. kingstonchronicle says:

    I would like it if you could be a contributor to my blog for football. I am based in KINGSTON Jamaica.

  5. uChIrO™ says:

    Argggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! 👿
    Liverpool, why? 😕

  6. chuanwei says:


    (Themenya Keren Abiss & Bisa Pake Adsense)

    rame yang udah berpindah daripada blog-blog lainnya ke blog karena theme yang keren

  7. maman_manis says:

    MU pasti menang . MU IS THE BEST CLUB

  8. naldolover says:

    santai brooowwww
    di final nanti……
    MAnchester United akan berjaya!!!! dan akan membawa pulang dua trofi
    premiere league and champions league

    alamt emailmu opo???

  9. rumputsawah says:

    chelsea emang pantes lolos, biar finalnya nanti ada warna yang baru!

  10. @ aRuL
    @ afshad
    Thanks for visiting my blog, too. 🙂

    Of course they will. Their spirits must have been doubled now. After all, Moscow is Abramovich’s another homeland. So they’ll fight for the trophy. 😀
    @ kingstonchronicle
    Oh, I’d love to. But I’m based in Indonesia and recently looking for university to continue my study. Is it alright if I’m not update regularly? 😉
    @ uChIrO™
    I’ve told you before. Chelsea is hard-to-beat when play at Bridge. 😎
    @ chuanwei
    SPAM detected. :mrgreen:

    Thanks for the information, but I still love WP. Maybe next time. 😀
    @ maman_manis, naldolover
    We’ll see. Who’s the champ and who’s chump. 😉
    @ rumputsawah
    Yeah, so the fans aren’t get a mono-coloured syndrome. :mrgreen:

  11. Amichan1013 says:

    @ uchiro
    Udh d bilangin, pindah kubu ajaa.
    Chelsea pasti menang deh!

    @ all chelsea’s supporter
    Go Chelsea Go!!!

    *dilema tak brkesudahan, krna bingung mau taruhan megang yg mna*

  12. maxbreaker says:

    Go MU!
    saya dukung MU buat final LC besok!
    Saya yakin double winner milik MU tahun ini 😛

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  14. Uchiha Miyu says:

    Chelsea!!! XD

    Chelsea is the best, yo!!! :mrgreen:

    MU ke laut aja sono!!!!

  15. @ maxbreaker
    I doubt it. :mrgreen:
    I think they’ll win only in Premier League.
    @ Uchiha Miyu
    Yeah, Chelsea Rocks!!
    Chelsea! Chelseaa!! \(-o-)/

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